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use blockchain, artificial intelligence & advanced digital marketing to grow your career


use the best digital marketing team

Let your music experience the best digital marketing practices used by the best agencies and multinational organizations such as Procter & Gamble

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when artists unite
magic happens

Looking at music history the rise of the new great artists has always been leveraged by already great artists. Today we may not have access to thsi big names, but we can create collaboration groups to multiply the reach of everybody involved

get discovered with your own playlist

Using artificial intelligence we create groups of artists willing to collaborate and with high musical compatibility. Then we create and admin a playlist for all of them.

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non-fungible tokens

Why Do artists need & want a record label deal?

Short Answer. Cash!

Build a career in the music industry is far from easy. It requieres a lot of investment, not only economically, but also in time, creativity and collaborators that can help you build the team needed to win.
Actually this is the main entry barrier to this industry, the access to the needed resources to suceed.

Do artists really need a record deal?

No, not anymore. If Internet disrupted the industry by crippling the main income of all the players, Blockchain will eliminate any unnecessary intermediary which job is to centralize the resources and act as a gatekeeper who decides the winners and lossers in the industry.

Through NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) it is now possible to have access to the needed economical resources to build you career and succeed.

Just imagine a Radio Ecosystem where music is not selected by some few DJs, but by the vote of the community following that radio station. or a descentralized streaming service where editorial playlists are not influenced by the big players in the industry, or...

Let your fans be the owners of your music by investing in it

Instead of giving control of your music to an organization which goal is far from working in benefit of your best interests, an organzation that will take around 95% of your income and will suffocate you with legal tecnicalities, give the control of your music to your Fans!

Your fans will be able to purchase an NFT of your music, or why not, your whole career. In exchange fans will invest in your music and they will recieve a percentage of your income, as any investor would expect to recieve from an investment.



Sasha Nicolai Canal

More than 12 years of experience in the music industry, active analyst for the Colombian government music program ArteConexión/ D.C En Vivo. Co-founder of Candy Flip Records the biggest electronic music label in Latam.

Senior Innovation Manager for Procter & Gamble with 7 years of experience in Digital Marketing positioning himself as an expert in the area.

Web3 and Blockchain mentor for StartUps in Latam at Torrenegra Accelerator

Juan Vasquez

Graduated in Music Production and Music Business at Full Sail University in Orlando.

Founder of Candy Flip electronic music label and events company with which he has more than 100 producer releases worldwide. Juan has also produced music for big companies like NBC, Telemundo, HBO,Fashion One Tv, MTV and Michael Kors.

Seasoned networker who loves to create relationships that adds value to both parties.