Invest in your favorite artists

earn royalties from their songs


Get at least 16% returns on every track you invest in.

You may be late to invest in

"billy jean" by michael jackson

But you are early to invest in the next generation to top Billboard and Spotify Chart artists.


More Info

Data presented is up to September 30 of 2021
Data comes from Candy Flip Records
Streams data comes from more than 100 streaming & content platforms around the globe, including Spotify & TikTok of course.
ROI or Return On Investment = (Royalties - Investment)/Investment
A Song can be monetized for up to 80 years, since its release.

"Collateral" by Dr. Honey

Released Date - 30/04/2021

252,299 Streams

Royalties to Date - 333 USD
Investment -  125 USD
ROI to Date - 167%
Monetization Days Left - 28,974

"Weak Jams" by Andruss

Released Date - 16/11/2020

1'373,772 Streams

Royalties to Date - 3,792 USD
Investment - 90 USD
ROI to Date - 4114%
Monetization Days Left - 28,809

"Had Enough" by Maximo

Released Date - 02/05/2021

156,066 Streams

Royalties to Date - 400 USD
Investment - 100 USD
ROI to Date - 300%
Monetization Days Left - 28,976

"Feel It" by Soundsuality

Released Date - 25/06/2021

96,368 Streams

Royalties to Date - 180 USD
Investment - 140 USD
ROI to Date - 29%
Monetization Days Left - 29,030

"Spend With You" by Juarez

Released Date - 21/05/2021

159,707 Streams

Royalties to Date - 436 USD
Investment - 200 USD
ROI to Date - 118%
Monetization Days Left - 28,995

The music industry


Together with Top Tracks this Old Music Industry will be forever transformed and we will give the power back to its rightful owners:

The Artists & The Fans

The music industry is abusive with their artists.
On average an artist just receives 5% to 15% of all the economic value his music generates.

But this is about to change with NFTs



With Blockchain use case of NFTs artists will no longer need big labels resources, marketing & business teams and networks to succeed in music.

But How?

Through Smart Contracts and NFTs we can share a percentage of the ownership, royalties and other revenue streams of a song to tenths, hundreds or thousands of fans, in exchange of an investment to finance the strategy to make a song succeed.

Top tracks is here to Transform the old music industry

Top Tracks role is to manage this resources and provide the marketing and business team, to assure the fans and investor a return on their investment. Though we will allow the artists and fans to decide whether they want us to collaborate and add value to the project or not

How Can
Top Tracks Add Value?

5 years experienced marketing team in the music industry

Contacts with Radio, Press, Playlists Curators & Web3 Music Platforms

Marketing, Legal & Financial advice

Publishing deals with Brands, Movies, Series & Videogames

Collect & Distribute all songs revenue among artists and fans

Candy Flip Records is the Biggest Electronic Music Label in LATAM with over 150 Artists from all over the world & 200+ Releases in its back catalogue

Most of Candy Flip Records releases programmed for 2022 will be minted as NFTs in Top Tracks



Music NFTs
Fans Invest in Music NFTs in exchange of Royalties from the Track

Brand Deals
Brands using Music NFTs to create communities and better connect with their consumers

Music DeFi 1.0
Music financed through Debt

Music Indexes
Instead of investing in a single song, invest in the top releases of a genre or group or artists

Music DeFi 2.0
Fans & Artists can access to resources trough debt using their NFTs as Collaterals

Artists as a DAO
Fans with Rare minted NFTs have governance of the the whole Artist Career, music, merchandising, live events.

Music DEX
Spot & Margin Trading, against Artists, Songs or Music Indexes



Top Tracks will be built on the IOTA ecosystem. Why?
Because is the best technology right now to fulfill our vision and mission. We are needing a DLT (Decentralized Ledger Technology) that doesn't charge fees for a transaction.

Free Transactions aka no more Gas Fees

Transactions in seconds

Fully Decentralized Technology - Coordicide

Energy Consumption close to zero

How does IOTA Works?

For More Information about IOTA, join the conversation on Twitter & Discord


Why we are the ones who are going to transform the music industry instead of all the other brilliant people who is thinking the same?

Well, we have the experience and must of all a burning passion and mission in life: Help all talented artists in the world live out of what they love, Music.

Sasha Nicolai Canal

More than 12 years of experience in the music industry, active analyst for the Colombian government music program ArteConexión/ D.C En Vivo. Co-founder of Candy Flip Records the biggest electronic music label in Latam.

Senior Innovation Manager for Procter & Gamble with 7 years of experience in Digital Marketing positioning himself as an expert in the area.

Web3 and Blockchain mentor for StartUps in Latam at Torrenegra Accelerator

Juan Vasquez

Graduated in Music Production and Music Business at Full Sail University in Orlando.

Founder of Candy Flip electronic music label and events company with which he has more than 100 producer releases worldwide. Juan has also produced music for big companies like NBC, Telemundo, HBO,Fashion One Tv, MTV and Michael Kors.

Seasoned networker who loves to create relationships that adds value to both parties.


I still don’t understand how Collaborative Playlisting works?

In few words, for 25USD per month investment, you will get the equivalent of a 300USD investment in streams. This is around 2.000 to 5.000 streams per month, plus all the potential new fans that will be listening to your music.