How thinking about cats could help you boost your career?

Sasha Nicolai Canal

May 23, 2021

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Let's start with the main thing. What you are about to read has more to do with the development of your digital strategy and less with the onomatopoeia of a feline. But since no one can resist cats, here is a video about them.

Most artists on the web barely scratch the surface of what it means to exploit the incredible potential that this new age represents for their musical projects. In a world where you are one click away from stop listening to a song and starting to listen to another, the greatest asset that any artist can have is the attention of their audience (literally, to get paid on Spotify they have to listen to your minimum song 30 seconds). One way to achieve this is by creating a community that revolves around content that goes beyond a few official songs a year.

Andrew Huang is a music YouTuber who has been active on the platform for 7 years. According to Social Blade, this character has a class B channel, earning annual income between $ 16,000 and $ 255,000, and to date he has uploaded 459 videos to the audiovisual network. Beyond being an excellent musician, an excellent producer, and having made over 40 albums in his life in different musical styles, this particular individual has the incredible ability to make music videos of anything.

You see, this character is capable of making music with balloons, street sounds, whatever. He is capable of making music for any reason, of any style, in any form. And thanks to this strategy, he has managed to monetize his passion and his 40 record productions, not only through YouTube, but through the different channels where he publishes his music, BandCamp, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

Creating a community is a matter of finding topics of interest on the web, listening to your potential fans, knowing what they are talking about and what they like to talk about. Then it is to connect those issues with the essence of your project. Remember that in this world of oblivion at a click, the only way to make a difference between the hundreds of thousands of artists that appear daily throughout the planet and you, is to create a brand with value, it is not just your music, it is what your music means. If you manage to match these two variables, creating quality content for your social networks will be as simple as posting a kitten on your profile. The rest is a matter of consistency and consistency with what you want to represent.